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SquareIt APK

Free SquareIt APK Full Download For PC Put your photo in square frame.Share to Instagram without cropping your photo. -Change background color-Quick share to Instagram. [NOTE]****Try compatibility mode and medium quality if you are unable to save image. Hope this fixes problem for HTC devices.****Settings menu is on the first screen. PLEASE email me if

Black Caller Screen Dialer APK

Free Black Caller Screen Dialer APK Full Download For PC Welcome to The Black Caller Screen Dialer All in one Dialer with Caller ID, Call Blocker, Hide Caller ID, T9 Search and much much more.● Smart T9 Photo Search Dialer Pad.● Pure Black Incoming and Outgoing Caller ID.● Block or Unblock Contact with call blocker

Simple Scan – PDF Scanner App APK

Free Simple Scan – PDF Scanner App APK Full Download For PC Want a moving scanner? The Simple Scanner is a PDF document scanner application that turns your phone into a portable scanner. you can scan documents, photos, receipts, reports, or just about anything. The scan will be saved to the device in image or

Hola Screen Lock APK

Free Hola Screen Lock APK Full Download For PC Hola Screen Lock is a simple and practical application, helping you to get rid of power button and lock your screen just by tapping the icon. Why you need this app?Lock button is the most used button of the phone, but it can be easily damaged

Retrocam APK

Free Retrocam APK Full Download For PC Take awesome retro pictures with your phone. Professional real-time effects make your photos look like they were taken on film and printed on paper decades ago. Create eye-catching selfies and see your friends, kids or pets in a vintage light. Take your favorite scenery back in time. Features–

Wifi Sonar APK

Free Wifi Sonar APK Full Download For PC Wifi Sonar provides two simple but powerful tools that will help you to improve the signal of your wireless access point.Sonar (audio feedback):Select your network from the list and Wifi Sonar will start making a sound. The better the signal, the sharper the sound. Leave your phone

Shadow Galaxy APK

Free Shadow Galaxy APK Full Download For PC After impact of galaxies remained lonely planet’s shadow. Here it is: Shadow Galaxy. This is the fourth of the four Galaxies. Maxelus Galaxy Tetralogy (4/4) 😉 Please comment ! Thanks ! What’s New + NEW! HD Galaxy textures + Update to Android Nougat 7.1.1 + Update stars

My Secure Mail – Email Client APK

Free My Secure Mail – Email Client APK Full Download For PC mySecureMail is an easy-to-use, powerful and secure e-mail client.mySecureMail Free is well-designed e-mail app, successfully replacing other email clients (such as Gmail, K-9 Mail, Mail Droid, Aqua Mail etc) thanks to easier, faster and more intuitive user interface. Key Features of mySecureMail Free–

Adobe Photoshop Mix APK

Free Adobe Photoshop Mix APK Full Download For PC Transform your photography with Photoshop Mix. Cut out and combine images, change colors and enhance your photos anytime, anywhere. Share your creations with friends via social media and send them to Photoshop CC on your desktop for advanced photo editing. •Cut out and remove sections of

KitKat Launcher APK

Free KitKat Launcher APK Full Download For PC Android 4.4 KitKat Launcher.KitKat Launcher helps you create pure Android 4.4 KitKat Launcher experience on your Android (4.0.3+) device.KitKat Launcher is based on the AOSP 4.4 KitKat Launcher, with modifications.Features:• Transparent StatusBar and Navigation bar for Android 4.4 Devices• Transparent StatusBar clone for Android 4.0.3-4.3 Devices• Smart

Quit Smoking APK

Free Quit Smoking APK Full Download For PC Quit is a widget application to gradually wean you from dependency on cigarettesQuit is a widget application designed to gradually wean you from dependency on cigarettes. Each individual’s step-down program is calculated based on statistical data from other users, and it’s continuously adjusted to your specific smoking

Online Privacy Shield APK

Free Online Privacy Shield APK Full Download For PC Do you know how many apps and services have permission to access your private info? What about how often those services access your data?Protect yourself from unknowingly sharing photos, documents, locations, contacts, emails, or any other sensitive information. Use MyPermissions and take back control of your

Finger Scanner Gestures APK

Free Finger Scanner Gestures APK Full Download For PC FINGERPRINT GESTURESYou don’t like using hard home key or it is broken this application is a best solution for you. You only touch fingerprint if your device has fingerprint to replace hard key. FEATURESBy lightly touch or swipe fingerprint you can, * Comeback home screen. * APK

Free APK Full Download For PC Conquer as much land as possible and try to become biggest of them all. In you have to surround a group of blocks and come back to your own land in order to fill the group of blocks with your color.But watch out, if someone hits your

Reboot Manager APK

Free Reboot Manager APK Full Download For PC ****** Notice ******(1) *** It might be respond nothing the first time you pressed it, please try again or wait for a moment. Or if it really does nothing, reboot the device manually please. ***(2) This app contains a widget so you can add it on home

Orange Cache Cleaner APK

Free Orange Cache Cleaner APK Full Download For PC How would you feel if you could be able to store 100’s of new songs, videos, pictures and apps on your phone, for FREE? That’s exactly what Orange Cleaner does!Orange Cache Cleaner is a small tool used for clearing application cached files. One Tap is all

MP3 Video Converter APK

Free MP3 Video Converter APK Full Download For PC With MP3 Video Converter now you can easily extract audio from your video files. Simple process just tap select video to select video file and then tap convert to extract the audio in mp3 format. Location / target directory to save MP3 files can easily be

Color Effect Booth Free APK

Free Color Effect Booth Free APK Full Download For PC Color Booth Free allows you to take any image and manipulate the colors to allow you to easily visualize what a room, landscape, or object would look like as a different color. You can change your hair color or your car’s color even your eyes

Screenshot APK

Free Screenshot APK Full Download For PC This app provides an easy way to take and edit screenshots! Capture screen by one touch! – Click the notification bar to take screenshots– Shake the phone to take screenshots– Double click overlay icon (Floating button) to take screenshots– Support capture web page screenshots– Support quick settings since

Fit It Puzzles APK

Free Fit It Puzzles APK Full Download For PC Fit It puzzles. Hours of fun and challenging.Fit It Puzzles is a tangrams based puzzles game with hundreds of levels.The goal of the game is to complete the box in the center of the game with the blocks/shapes provided.Features:Openfeint Social900 LevelsHours of fun and challengingFree tangram